Boxtech provides container technical detail for the global container fleet, you can see what data is available in our dataset, we would recommend that you use the API for integrating to your application as well as the user interface for less frequent lookups.
Full details on Boxtech and the BIC can be found at
For feature requests, support or other requests please raise a github issue at and we will reply accordingly.

Register for Access

Access to Boxtech is free, you just need to register to use the service and verify your email account.
Registration can be found at


Documentation for Boxtech can be found at

API Specifications

Our API's are published on SwaggerHub
Download the Postman Collection from

Issues, Support or Feature Requests

We are always interested to hear your ideas for Boxtech, and to support your journey to integrating Boxtech into your systems. Please raise a github issue for us to manage these requests and we will be happy to assist. and hear from you.
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