Upload History

You can navigate to this page by clicking the menu button in the top right hand corner of the page and clicking 'Upload History'.


All uploads to BoxTech for your container fleet can be viewed on the upload history page. This is a shared upload page for all users belonging to the same company account.

Upload Outcomes

The following results can occur from upload actions:

  • Success ( Green Tick )

  • Pending ( Grey Clock )

  • Failed ( Red Cross )

An action is considered a 'success' if at least one row in the CSV is successfully accepted. If you see row errors in the screen then some of the containers did not process as expected, you will have been notified by email of these also, and can view the failed file showing just those rows with errors to resolve.

An action is 'pending' if the process is still running.

An action is 'failed' if no rows could be accepted or if the formatting of the file was incorrect or corrupted.


If there are any row errors you can use the grey 'failed' button in the 'download' column to download the failed file.

This failed file will also be emailed to you however the email download link will expire, but this page will always give access to the file.

You can also access the original file which was uploaded by clicking the green 'original' button.

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