Getting Started

Uploading your first container fleet file to Boxtech is a simple process, this guide outlines how to make the first steps using minimum information to become familiar with the process and then moving towards more detailed information and automating the upload from your system if you so choose.

This guide assumes that you have already registered for Boxtech, and have been approved as an uploader by BIC.

Prepare the Upload File

Lets start by preparing our first upload file with some key information that you should have available for your fleet.

  1. Understand the Data Fields

  2. Upload to Boxtech

Lets look at a basic dataset for our first upload for point 2



The container number marked as per ISO 6346



ISO Size Type meeting ISO6346 standard



Tare Weight of the Container in Kgs



Maximum Payload of the Container in Kgs



Maximum Gross weight of the Container in Kgs


We will use the above data to make our first upload, but please use a container and data relative you one of your own containers. Add this data to the fleet in template you downloaded in step 1, removing the example record provided.

Important, make sure you save your file as a CSV if you are working in Excel or other application, Boxtech only accepts the csv format, but not .xslx or .xls

Now were ready to upload for point 3.

  • Under 'Fleet In' click 'Upload Fleet'

  • Either drag your csv file onto the screen OR click 'Select File' and locate your csv file to upload from your computer.

  • Click 'Upload Fleet In'

Following your upload you can expect to recieve an email to confirm your upload and its status, similar to the screen shot below, if there are any errors in the file then you can download the file to view the errors from the email

Congratulations! you have made your first upload to Boxtech, an important first step. If you search for the container in Boxtech you will see the details you just uploaded as below

Now you are familiar with the process you should take an action to upload your entire container fleet to Boxtech using the above process.

You can also look to expand your dataset with information that you have available from your process

Next you should think about automating your updates

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